D.C. rapper OG ManMan filmed a video titled “Truth” and then gets murked

D.C. rapper OG ManMan filmed a video titled “Truth” at the grave site of a rival. While rapping, the rapper can also be seen pouring out a bottle of champagne. He talks about how he wants to put the rest of the rival crew members alongside the same grave. The rapper mentions an unspecified crew member in the song, whom he refers as “nigga”. He further goes on saying that his once he loads his pistol, he will hit the rival crew member.

The rapper goes on to ask the nigga is he has met a killer, and continues that his hands are itching to shoot. He states that he is not a real rapper, but a real live hitter. The rap also has an interlude where news reporters report about the death of a student from Hampton University in RIchmond, whose body was found below the I-64 eastbound Shockoe Valley Bridge.

Hip Hop Legend Afrika Bambaataa Accused Of The Unthinkable

Afrika Bambaataa

Hip-hop legend Afrika Bambaataa has been accused of sexual abuse by four different men ranging from late-thirties to mid-fifties who state the abuse took place when they were under the age of 16.

Last month, Democratic activist Ronald Savage stated that Bambaataa sexually abused him in 1980 when Savage was only 15 years old. He came forward in an attempt to change the New York statute of limitations for child sexual abuse cases.

This weekend, three additional men came forward to substantiate Savage’s claims. They each reported that they too had been sexually abused by Bambaataa numerous time as children. All of the men claim they were showed pornography before being abused. They continue to hold a lot of anger about this and have been dealing with it for many years.

Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation deny the allegations claim that this is just a plot by the United States government to dismantle the organization.

50 Cent Quits Instagram


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A few days after 50 Cent appeared in bankruptcy court, he said that he felt nothing but love. That sentiment quickly changed after posting several messages on Instagram blasting the justice system, he was accused of not reporting his total income. 50 says that this is just a way that he is being targeted because of wealth and hip hop affiliation. The rapper insisted that their money he flosses on social media is all fake. So, he let his followers know that he is done with Instagram and someone will be operating the account for him.

Yesterday, 50 Cent’s lawyers reached deals with creditors. If the agreement is approved, all of his secured debts will be paid. The unsecured debts will be paid at 75 percent. If 50 makes his payments quickly, the less he’ll have to pay. The ongoing posts to social media caused concern to the justice department, so an examiner will be appointed to oversee his finances.

Future does not like Desiigner and he makes it known

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On February of the 27th at the in New York City, Future preformed and voiced to all of the Future/Hendrix impersonators during his set. Before he preformed I’m the plug, therapper said to the crowd, “I’ma let y’all niggas know, it’s only one Future in this mothafucka and I am really the plug, really. I’m the plug.” Many are not sure who the hip hop performer was actually referring to, however, it is being determined that this specific messaged was aimed at GOOD Music’s latest and most recent signee, Desiigner. There have been many individuals who have confused Desiigner with Future on the album The Life Of Pablo that Kanye West released.


There have been many who have said, and even 50 Cent has went on record to say, that he is not sure that the “Panda” rapper will ever be able to make another record because of all of the similarities. Desiigner decided to make light of the entire situation, despite any of the Future’s comparison’s of the media, and posted a meme on his Twitter that said, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Future.” Recently during his show in Austin, Texas, KYLE, along with Future and Metro Boomin impersonators, trolled a crowd that contained around 2,000 fans. There is also a video that can be viewed online, of Future and he is blasting his impersonators.  Desiigner has also been attacked with multiple memes that are insulting him. Many of the social media sites have put their focus on the fact that they believe he is a complete Future ripoff.

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Charlamagne Gives Bow Bow Donkey of the day

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We can all agree that the 2016 Grammys were uneventful. A lot of people had the experience of lifetime but the host of the pre-show was the star of the show when it came to misfortune. Bow Wow aka Shad Moss; rapper turned movie star messed up the timing on two occasions which won him the donkey of the day award from Charlamagne.

Charlamagne Tha God hit at the MC on The Breakfast Club criticizing his timing errors before awarding him the donkey of the day Tuesday 16th of February. He didn’t flatter as he explained the MCs’ failure in doing the only job he had as a pre-show host which provoked Bow wow to a response.

Bow Wow didn’t take the donkey of the day slur without hitting back. He wasn’t about to let it slide without a response hence he took it on twitter to snap back at Charlamagne Tha God on his skin complexion. In his tweet, he tanks the Grammys, CBS family and Charlamagne Tha God for being his biggest fun. However, he makes a nasty comment on his about him shining his shoes in exchange for coupon and a bleach cream.

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