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Three Restoration Options for Worn Out Residential Roofing


Residential roofs are designed and built to provide long-term service after installation. However, they are prone to eventual degradation over time. Also, poor care and maintenance practices can accelerate the rate of damage to your roof. In addition, accidental impact during storms or from falling heavy objects like tree branches can cause extensive damage. If your residential roof is showing signs of failure, you should consider consulting expert roofers (Calgary) to assess and resolve the damage. Here are some of the best restoration options that you should consider for your roofing.


Patchwork Repair

You can patch up your roofing if the damage to the feature is minimal and localised. In most cases, if you are experiencing leakage in only one small area of the house, the problem is not extensive. If you work fast and engage roofers for repair, the damage will be contained. There are different roofing patches which can be used to create a seal. The right repair product for your application will depend on the type of roofing and location of the leak.

The most common options to consider using in your home include rubberised patches, caulking, roof cement and roofing tar. You should note that most of these patches are not permanent or everlasting, so you might still need to replace the affected tile or roofing panels. Leakages can also be caused by damaged or missing flashing. Therefore, ensure that these protective features are inspected regularly and replaced as necessary.


Roof Overlay

If you have an old roof with multiple areas of damage and low aesthetic value, you should consider having a roof overlay. Basically, this restoration process involves installing a fresh layer of roofing shingles, tiles or panels on your old roof. This way, you will get a completely new roof without the high cost of fresh installation. This home improvement task will raise the value of your home and increase its general appeal.

On the other hand, you should remember that this increases the total load of the building and this can be a limitation. Moreover, the overlay might conceal unexpected structural damage such as water damage to the trusses or plywood sheathing. You should discuss the viability of this restoration process for your home with your roofers Calgary before making your decision.


Tear-Off and Replacement

You can choose complete tear-off and replacement of your roof to restore the functionality and appeal of your home. This restoration choice is ideal because it will provide an opportunity for the inspection of the roof support elements. Moreover, there will be no danger of exceeding the load bearing weight of your house. Unfortunately, the cost of removing and installing a new roof is quite high.

Consult your expert roofers in Calgary for complete guidance on roof restoration.